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アルトライダー R1200GS ラゲッジラックシステム BMW R 1200 GS(03-12) シルバーアルトライダー
ラゲッジラックシステム BMW R 1200 GS(03-12)

■Made of 3】16 inch(4.75 mm) anodized aluminum
■Interfaces with Givi Monokey top case system(requires Givi Top case mounting kit)
■Interfaces wit RotopaxFuel system
■Interfaces with RAMmounts
■Available in Silver or Black
■Length: 26 inches
■Width: 16 inches
■Depth: 1.5 inches
■Weight: 5.5 lbs
■When installing BMW Vario Luggage utilize 7 M8 washers to shim up underneath the rear luggage rack to avoid any interference when utilizing in the lower position. If running BMW Vario Luggage please add a note at checkout for additional washers.
■This product can be fitted to the R 1200 GS Adventure only if the OEM stainless steel luggage rack is removed.


Luggage Rack System for BMW R 1200 GS(2003-2012) - Silver or Black

Configurable luggage rack system

The AltRider Luggage System for the BMW R 1200 GS just might be the most versatile on the market - featuring five different mounting configurations several attachment options for RotopaXfuel packs interfaces for the Givi Monokey top case system(requires Givi top case mounting kit- sold separately) and four separate mount points for RAMball mounts. This allows for easy mounting of an action camera in the perfect location without the need for additional complicated clamps. You can decide to ride with a lot of luggage or with a pillion and the luggage rack will accommodate your needs at a moments notice.

Although available separately the two racks in the system work best together. The well thought out design features two racks which are CNC machined from 3】16 inch(4.75 mm) thick anodized aluminum and are flanged to increase strength and create tie down points. Varied cutouts make it easy to strap tie down or hook bags or other items securely. The finishes are superb on this rack with all chamfered cutouts which results in smooth edges all around. The rear rack comes with a bracket also made from 3】16 inch(4.75 mm) thick aluminum which is used to mount in the low position and reinforce several mount】hook locations. When mounted in the lower position the rear luggage rack has the added bonus of providing protection for the rear blinkers if the bike goes down. Installation of the pillion rack takes no time at all since it attaches and releases the same way the pillion seat does with the key so extra tools are unnecessary.

There is no rack system on the market that provides all these configurations within the same product. Other manufacturers have simply made multiple parts so the rider has to decide at the time of purchase how what type and how much luggage will be carried. With the AltRider solution the rider can now configure the luggage system to the current need.

GIVI Monokey top cases can be fitted with the GIVI Mounting Kit-- no need for the additional cost of an adapter plate.NOT COMPATIBLE WITH GIVI Trekker 52L Top Case.




アルトライダー ALTRIDER キャリア・サポート 外装
64,790円 (税込 69,973 円)